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Your no-bullshit guide to getting your anxiety under control and kicking people-pleasing to the curb.

how to stop being an anxious people-pleasing mess

You Are Not Your Anxiety

by Dr. Carly Crewe

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I've struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. 
I was worried little girl who could never sleep and constantly feared something terrible was going to happen.
When I became an adult, my anxiety became best friends with perfectionism and people-pleasing. That trio really ran my life for a good while. 
And when I had my twins - it got even worse. 

Thankfully, I put in a lot of work and came out the other side armed with a myriad of strategies to help support other women through anxiety and mental health symptoms.

Combining my personal experience with my professional training as a physician and experience as a psychotherapist, I have written this book to serve as a guide for women out of the vortex of anxiety and back to themselves.  

I am so excited for you to read it.

me and anxiety go way back.

I literally wrote the book on this shit. 

— Richelle J.

I am happy to say that I just finished your book and I am in tears. This book is me - so many of the examples are me. I am so excited and eager to dive into this journey of creating appropriate self-care practices to enhance my life. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this book. I have spent a great deal of time reading self-help books but none of them have hit like this one. The universe put this book in my hands and your words in my life...And I am forever grateful.

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You in?

It's time to rewrite the narrative that keeps women feeling overstretched, resentful and anxious af. 

order now!

order now!

—Andrea L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Crewe's for over 5 years and I am so excited for this book! She has helped me so much over the years with my mental health, especially during the pandemic! I can't wait to have all of her wisdom in one place!

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You need practical strategies and tools that will fit in your life.

You want to hear it from someone who has been through what you've been through.

You want evidence-based advice + tools from a doctor and expert in women’s mental health that actually work.

You have been struggling with anxiety and are looking for a fresh approach to managing it.

Is this your next read?

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—Kailey M.

Reading your story (even though I've heard it before) was literally an epiphany for me of how much time you truly need to give yourself heal, rest and improve. Thank you for being so patient and kind during my journey, thank you for writing this book. You have truly impacted my life forever.

Raving Reviews

I help ambitious women like you take radical responsibility for their mental health, step into their personal power and create a life by their own incredible design.

I believe that prioritizing our mental health is foundational in living our bravest, boldest and most impactful lives as women. As a mental health advocate and educator, I speak openly about my own mental health struggles and believe radical vulnerability and storytelling are invaluable instruments of connection and healing. 

As a physician, I specialize in the holistic and comprehensive management of mental health symptoms in women and lead a team of women physicians as the CEO Eunoia Medical, my innovative virtual mental health clinic for women where we help hundreds of women feel like themselves again.
As the Leader of BraveHer, a global women's empowerment movement, I provide transformational coaching experiences and spaces for women to join together in sisterhood, collaborate and harness our collective wisdom. 

I'm a mom to a set of feisty twin girls, a wife and modern-day nomad, calling a 32-ft RV home. I'm an ever-recovering perfectionist, self-care junkie, author, speaker, corporate mental health consultant and content creator.

physician· leader of braveher · empowerment coach · 

Women's Mental Health + Empowerment Expert

Meet Carly!

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"Carly is a physician and coach who has invested a ton of time and money to become the best coach that she can be, and continues to invest in herself to her highest calling and change the world. She claims she doesn't know it all, but she also knows she is an expert. She is incredibly intelligent, divine and heart-centered. - Katrina S.

"She's going to change your life. She's going to change the world."

"I know this sounds cliche, but I have seen other therapists over the last 15 years and have never felt as heard, seen, and accepted as I do by Dr. Crewe. Every therapist I’ve had prior to Dr. Crewe has tried to fix me by trying to help me stop my uncomfortable feelings - which seemed to make sense because I didn’t want those feelings. But Dr. Crewe knew there had to be a better way - she recognized that I needed to stop fighting and accept how I was feeling, and overall, myself. - Chiara F."

"Dr. Crewe has changed my life."

"Carly's passion and and experience made the Matriarch program enjoyable and full of valuable content. There were so many gems and take-aways! I looked forward to being with a group of other women to discuss self-worth, boundaries and self-trust." - Joyce S, on the Matriarch Program

"Carly speaks with enthusiasm that is contagious! "

"As someone who was diagnosed 15 years ago withwith severe postpartum depression and anxiety, then 4 years ago with complex PTSD, working with Carly for the last year has done more for me than all of the psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists over the years." — Steph B.

"When my doctor referred me to Carly, she said, "I don't know what else to do with you."

"I'm not new to mental health but what was new was someone I could talk to regularly and who genuinely "got it." Carly was understanding, but also knew when to challenge the false beliefs and stories I had on repeat about myself...Forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman." — Allison G.

"Carly's patience and knowledge has been invaluable."

What if you could hold the guidebook to managing your anxiety in your hands?

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It's time to kick your anxiety to the curb.

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